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CN Perforated Plastics Starts Production on Retort Separator Sheet in 20232023-01-28

Retort Separator Sheet are Expanding the World Market2022-09-01

CN Perforated Plastic Meets Busy Production Period2022-08-06

CN Perforated Plastics Developed Nylon Retort Separator Sheets2022-06-03

CN Perforated Plastics Starts Production of Perforated Plastic Sheets after Holiday2022-02-07

Happy Spring Festival 20222022-01-27

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Our Customers2021-12-26

CN Perforated Plastics Meets Busy Production Season for Perforated Plastic Sheet2021-10-05

CN Perforated Plastics Developed New Perforated Plastic Products2021-07-13

Perforated Plastic Pipes Tubes in Large Production2021-04-03

Perforated Plastic Pipe Tube for Aquafarming Approved by Customer2021-03-31

CN Perforated Plastics Passed FDA Test2021-03-13

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About Us

CN perforated plastics is a professional manufacturer and distributor of Polypropylene Sheet,perforated PP sheet,PVC sheet,perforated PVC sheet,perforated PE sheets in various grade.
Our main products mainly fall into three parts such as plastic sheets, perforated plastic sheets and plastic products.
All the plastic sheets can be cut to your size.


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