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Perforated Plastic Sterilization Layer Pads

Sterilization technology is widely used for food industry either in human food or vet's food industry.In compliance with this function,perforated plastic sterilization sheet is widely used nowadays.

Perforated sterilization sheets also called sterilization layer pads are usually made in perforated plastic sheet such as perforated PP sheet,perforated HDPE sheet.They are cut into different sizes to be used in different autoclaves for the sterilization.PP sheet and HDPE sheet can withstand different high temps.For example,the perforated PP sheet can be used in 120 centi-degree without changing its shape and they can be used for many times.

The main function of perforated plastic sterilization is to divide the cans or the foods in different containers and at the same time to keep the hot air flowing because of its open rate.

Different customer has different request on the thickness,size and material on the perforated plastic sterilization sheet,the popular thickness is 2mm to 5mm.And the open rate of the sterilization pads is usually in about 50%.

Another important factor for the perforated plastic sterilization sheet is that the material must be in food grade in order to keep the food safe for human and pets etc.

CN Perforated Plastics has rich experience in designing and developing this product,we can meet different requirement for different purpose.

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