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Perforated Sterilization Layer Pads for Autoclaves

Perforated Sterilization Layer Pads for Autoclaves

  • Category:Sterilization Layer Pads
  • Material:PP HDPE
  • Properties:Food Safety
  • Application:Autoclave Sterilization
  • Tag:sterilization,pads,layer
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CN Perofrtaed Plastics offers wide range of perforated plastic sterilization layer pads used in autoclaves for food,juices and drinks.
Plastic sterilization layer pads is an economical solution for use in the autoclaves sterilization process, they are high bending resistance at high temperatures. A plastic layer pad in polypropylene and polyethylene will be placed in between each products layer, it is used together with the autoclave for sterilizing the jars, cans, bottles, pouches, trays, etc.
The sterilization layer pads are usually made of  perforated polypropylene sheet and high density polyethylene. These two materials are easier to perforate and are substantially lighter compared with metal layer pads, and they are of very good chemical resistance.The layer pads are in different types of holes, grooves, machined corners on the layer pad.
The popular specification for sterilization layer pads are as follows:
Material: Perforated polypropylene and high density polyethylene.
Thickness: Popular thickness is from 3mm to 5mm.
Hole Diameter: from 10mm to 30mm.
Perforation: Round hole with staggered pitch.
Size: Cut to size.
Color: White, blue, red and black.

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